Bamboo is the world’s first digital fine art inkjet paper made from bamboo fibres.

Bamboo represents spirituality, naturalness and resource-saving paper production. Particularly suitable for warm-toned colour and monochrome prints, Bamboo really highlights the sensuality of images.

290 gsm · 90% Bamboo fibre · 10% Cotton · natural white

Data Sheet, PDF

SKU# Description  
HM2311025 Bamboo 290gsm, 11"x 17" /25 sheets

HM2313025 Bamboo 290gsm, 13"x19" /25 sheets

HM2317025 Bamboo 290gsm, 17"x22" /25 sheets SO

HM2317999 Bamboo 290gsm, 17" x 39′, 1 Roll, 3" core

HM2324999 Bamboo 290gsm, 24" x 39′, 1 Roll, 3" core

HM2336999 Bamboo 290gsm, 36" x 39′, 1 Roll, 3" core

HM2344999 Bamboo 290gsm, 44" x 39′, 1 Roll, 3" core

HM2385025 Bamboo 290gsm, 8.5"x11" /25 sheets

HM23PROMO Bamboo Anniversary Print Box 13"x19", 50 sheets

HMF10628540 Bamboo Mixed Media 24×32 cm pad

HMF10628541 Bamboo Mixed Media 30×40 cm pad

HMF10628549 Bamboo Mixed Media Carnet de Voyage

HMF10628561 Bamboo SketchPad A4/30 sheets

HMF10628565 Bamboo SketchBook A5/64 sheets

HMF10628566 Bamboo SketchBook A4/64 sheets