TorchonAcid free, Lightfast and extremely resistant to ageing.

The French word “torchon” characterizes a very coarse linen structure. So is the surface of this board. The Pads are glued and gauzed to ensure flatness when wet.

Torchon is ideal for all wet painting techniques: watercolour – especially for effects with hard-edged colours and smooth washes – and also gouache, tempera and acrylic.

275 gsm

SKU# Description  
HM1011025 Torchon 285gsm 11×17 /25 sheets SO

HM1013025 Torchon 285 13×19 /25 sheets SO

HM1017025 Torchon 285gsm 17×22 /25 sheets SO

HM1017999 Torchon 285gsm 17×39′ Roll

HM1024999 Torchon 285gsm 24X39′ Roll

HM1035025 Torchon 285gsm 35X46.75 /25 sheets

HM1036999 Torchon 285gsm 36X39′ Roll

HM1044999 Torchon 285gsm 44X39′ Roll

HM1085025 Torchon 285gsm 8.5×11 /25 sheets SO