The handy Travel Journals or Travel Booklets are ideal for jotting down ideas or impressions whilst on the road.

They are a practical companion for mobile people, who prefer to record their thoughts, feelings or impressions in a traditional manner between the covers of a book or booklet.

The Travel Journals from Hahnemühle, available in 9 x 14 cm and 13,5 x 21 cm size in both portrait and landscape format, are even held together by a practical rubber band.

The Travel Booklets are available in sizes 9 x 14 cm and 13,5 x 21 cm in portrait format. The booklets are also provided with a small pocket in the rear cover: a great idea for collecting loose notes, photos or other “valuables” that shouldn’t be lost. The unlined sketch paper with a grammage of 140 g/m² has a light structure ensuring good colour adhesion, making this paper ideal for lively and long lasting pencil drawings.

SKU# Description
HMF10628390 Travel Journal 9×14 cm Portrait

HMF10628391 Travel Journal 9×14 cm Landscape

HMF10628392 Travel Journal 13.5x21cm Portrait

HMF10628393 Travel Journal 13.5×21 cm Landscape

HMF10628394 Travel Booklet Kraft Cover Pack/2

HMF10628395 Travel Booklet LGKraft Cover Pack/2