Photo Rag® is the most popular paper chosen by photographers to create high quality fine art prints. The fine, smooth surface and feel of Photo Rag® make this paper very versatile and it is ideal for printing both black and white and colour photographs and art reproductions with impressive pictorial depth.

188 · 308 · 500 gsm 100% Cotton · white

Data Sheet Photo Rag® 188 gsm, PDF
Data Sheet Photo Rag® 308 gsm, PDF
Data Sheet Photo Rag® 500 gsm, PDF

SKU# Description  
HM0711025 Photo Rag 188gsm 11×17 /25 sheets

HM0713025 Photo Rag 188gsm 13×19 /25 sheets

HM0717025 Photo Rag 188gsm 17×22 /25 sheets

HM0717999 Photo Rag 188gsm 17"x39′ Roll

HM0724999 Photo Rag 188gsm 24X39′ Roll

HM0736999 Photo Rag 188gsm 36X39′ Roll

HM0744999 Photo Rag 188gsm 44X39′ Roll

HM0785025 Photo Rag 188gsm 8.5×11 /25 sheets

HM0811025 Photo Rag 308gsm 11×17 /25 sheets

HM0813025 Photo Rag 308gsm 13×19 /25 sheets

HM0817025 Photo Rag 308gsm 17×22 /25 sheets

HM0817999 Photo Rag 308gsm 17×39′ Roll

HM0824025 Photo Rag 308gsm 24X36 /25 sheets

HM0824999 Photo Rag 308gsm 24X39′ Roll

HM0835025 Photo Rag 308gsm 35X46.75 /25 sheets

HM0836999 Photo Rag 308gsm 36X39′ Roll

HM0844899 Photo Rag 308gsm 44X39′ Roll

HM0844909 Photo Rag 308gsm 44X65′ Roll

HM0882325 Photo Rag 308gsm Panoramic, 8.3"x23.4" /25 sheets

HM0885025 Photo Rag 308gsm 8.5X11 /25 sheets

HM08D13025 Photo Rag 308gsm Deckle 13×19 /25 sheets SO

HM08D17025 PhotoRag 308gsm DeckleEdge 17×22 /25 sheets SO

HM08D85025 Photo Rag 308gsm Deckle Edge 8.5×11 /25 sheets

HM27PANO Photo Rag Baryta, 315gsm 8"x23" /25 sheets

HM3024025 Photo Rag 500 gsm 24×30 /25 sheets

HM3035025 Photo Rag 500 gsm 35×46.75 /25 sheets